"Right Place", a short film about OCD

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"Right Place", a short film about OCD

Post by Gloom on 2012-02-05, 13:53


I think it's a pretty awesome little movie, isn't it?

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Re: "Right Place", a short film about OCD

Post by myshoesarebrown on 2012-02-05, 14:50

That was neat. It was funny, but at the same time, wasn't necessarily "mocking" the disorder. It wasn't just "lol look he washes his hands after touching people, lolocd". And the short monologue at the end wrapped it up pretty well.

If there were someone with OCD in this VN(I dunno what's the in the game, or completely sure of... anything, to be honest), I could see it working out this way. The character just wants to "find a place where he/she can fit in the world." I know the devs are trying to not make a mockery of any condition, but if it were kept like this short movie -- the character doing simple things such as rearranging everything he/she had in order to be neat -- then it could be a little humorous without being offensive.

I don't have any sort of condition that I'm aware of, but it always annoys me when people joke about having OCD. When someone says they like to eat their food in a certain order during a meal, and claim to have OCD because of it. Or, if someone gets frustrated over not having, say, exactly 2 dollars(having $1.98 or something)... and then claim they're OCD over it.

We all have little traits such as these. We do not necessarily have OCD because we, on occasion, want to be a bit more orderly.

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