List of Team Members

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List of Team Members

Post by QbertEnhanced on 2012-02-24, 22:33

List of Team Members


Worthington- writer (Fun fact: is the sexiest most modest member of the dev team)
analane - writer (Fun fact: Is the most moe member of the dev team)
kosherbacon - writer (Fun fact: Used to rap in the 90s under the name 'Ol Dirty Bacon')
blackjack - writer (Fun fact: Sucks at blackjack, but is the worlds best poker player)
Hamadyne - writer (Fun fact: Is the lovechild of Professor X and Goku)
Merri - writer (Fun fact: Has suspiciously clean shoes)

Smokey - Editor (Fun fact: Wrestles goats upon mountaintops for a living)
VacuityMechanica - Editor (Fun fact: Communicates only in .gifs, image macros, and reaction videos)

imperial.standard - concept artist (Fun fact: Is the most pimping member of the dev team)
Mikeinel - Artist (Fun fact: Is a pinecone)
yune - Artist (Fun fact: Is a kunoichi)
Ninamo - Artist (Fun fact: Is a figment of our collective imaginations)
naso4 - Artist (Fun fact: Is the most perverted member of the dev team)
sho-N-D - Artist (Fun fact: Is suspected to converse via Google Translate)
myuto - Artist (Fun fact: Has no discernible gender)
ippus - Artist (Fun fact: Has the power of invisibility)


QbertEnhanced - programming (Fun fact: Can't grow a beard)
Merlyn_LeRoy - programming (Fun fact: Is a cool old guy)

Medical Consultants
deadleaves - medical consultant, general organization (Fun fact: Is a Viking)
M22 - medical consultant (Fun fact: Possesses the power of teleportation)
MDV - medical consultant (Fun fact: Once out-grouched Oscar the Grouch)

MK.Mercury - Composer (Fun fact: Was kidnapped by aliens)
Astartus - Composer (Fun fact: Has a velociraptor fetish)

TheDaftStudent - Community Manager (Fun fact: Is a leprechaun)

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