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Image Wars

Post by khaos4ng31 on 2012-03-12, 18:20

Hello all, and welcome to Image Wars. If you would all kindly take a seat, we'll begin the introduction.

Image Wars. It's a battle of creativity, using visual images that range from captioned macros of cats to photos of great heroes to photos of failures to defeat one another's image. Rules are simple, and numbered:
1. Must post images (this includes gifs), but keep them approximately sized, i.e. don't post this:
2. Keep images within forum rules i.e. no porn or severed heads stuffed inside a cow's stomach.
3. Must post an image that "defeats" the above. E.g. if one forum user posts a picture of a WW2 Panzer, you cannot post a simple picture of a newborn kitten. That kitten must be equipped with at least lasers to counter the tank.
4. No doubleposting and one picture per post.
5. If you doubt that we will understand the image, then by all means don't hesitate to post some explanation with the image. E.g. someone posts a computer and if the next person posts a thunderstorm, he will have to explain that it causes a blackout, rendering the computer surged (acceptable counter to this is a surge protector)
6. Have fun and keep in mind that this is the internet. This game has no clear and definite winner. We are all sharing our creativity and having a few laughs. The more creative you are, the more successful you are in defeating your above opponent. E.g. someone posts Nicolas Cage, the next posts a picture of an actor's long-dead career (hard to understand, but you get it right?)

I'll start with something easy:

This monstrous monstrosity inside manifests me.
My mood matters not when my mind is mangled by Mister Monster.
Nothing can save me from this malevolent monster that mixes my life with madness.
This massive monstrosity mirrors an exact match of mischief and magnified melancholy.
This monster manifests me.
And I am the angel that comes from the middle, only to unwillingly spread khaos, as destiny has determined.

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Re: Image Wars

Post by Worthington on 2012-03-12, 23:31

Just your average psychotic dev
-I aim to misbehave

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