A request.

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A request.

Post by Solipsistic-MeatBag on 2012-03-16, 21:28

While I am excited by the prospect of a rule 63 pettanko Hannibal Lecter; I feel the need to ask the devs for a favor. Can we PLEASE get some sort of quasi-loli yandere or shy girl (and the physical traits that this entails)? PLEASE?? .... Not that I really expect you to confirm or deny that any of the as-of-yet unannounced characters fit this description. Whatever, I suppose it's all just a dream of mine. Crying or Very sad

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Re: A request.

Post by Worthington on 2012-03-16, 22:02

Neither confirmed nor denied. Also we're not going to change or add anything because people have asked us.

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